Filling Replacement Dentist Wyoming, MI

If you have old silver fillings in your smile, you’ll want to consider replacing them with white composite fillings that don’t contain BPA (bisphenol-A).

BPA is a chemical used in plastic storage containers, canned foods, dental filling sealants, and many other products.

However, some experts have raised alarm over the safety of the chemical. Our Wyoming family dentist is also against the use of BPA in tooth fillings.

BPA has been known to interfere with hormone receptors in the body, which can affect cell repair, energy levels, fetal development, reproductive health, and more. Since the United States hasn’t banned the use of BPA on a federal level, it’s up to the consumer to make the best decisions for their health.

One of the most common ways BPA enters the body is through cross contamination with food. This is because BPA in plastic containers can leach into the foods they store. Likewise, BPA in silver fillings can leach into your body every time you eat or drink. This is why we recommend replacing old silver fillings with BPA-free fillings so you can maintain good oral and overall health.

Dr. Helmus DDS at River Ridge Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients maintain smiles free of BPA and other toxins. If your tooth filling is loose or has fallen out, call our Wyoming natural dentistry at (616) 538-7320.