Teeth Whitening Dentist Wyoming, MI

Have you ever felt self-conscious about discolored teeth or tooth stains? If so, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with our Wyoming teeth whitening dentist.

Our cosmetic dental practice offers custom teeth whitening trays you are able to use at home. Teeth whitening treatments are safe and relatively painless, making it ideal for most patients.

Custom Teeth Whitening Tray

Dental trays are a less expensive teeth whitening treatment you can use in the comfort of your own home. Our dentist will first take an impression of your mouth to create customized clear whitening trays for you to wear. Within a few days, your trays will be ready and our dentist will show you how to apply the special bleaching material to the trays.

The whitening gel trays should be worn 30 to 60 minutes up to twice a day. At the end of this period, you will see maximum whitening results that are nothing short of dazzling. Occasional treatment can be used at your convenience to maintain your new smile.

Dr. Helmus DDS at River Ridge Family & Cosmetic Dentistry strives to help patients achieve their best smiles. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for professional teeth whitening, call our Wyoming cosmetic dentistry at (616) 538-7320.