Dental Sealants Wyoming Dentist

Dental sealants fill narrow grooves in back teeth (molars) that cannot be adequately cleaned by brushing.

In some cases, the tooth structure has fine grooves or pits which accumulate plaque—not because the person doesn't brush, but because they're too narrow to allow even one bristle into them.

To prevent cavities, our Wyoming family dentist will brush on a coating that seals the grooves and pits. This will make it possible to brush off all the plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

Did you know that the most common childhood chronic illness is tooth decay? This is why our Wyoming pediatric dentist often recommends dental sealants for children as soon as they get their first baby teeth. Since children are at an increased risk for tooth decay, it makes sense to give their teeth an extra layer of protection against dental plaque and bacteria.

It’s not uncommon for children to also neglect brushing their molars because they are hard to reach with toothbrushes. Dental sealants can be a strategy to prevent childhood cavities. Be sure to discuss with our pediatric dentist the pros and cons of dental sealants for your child.

Dental Sealants Wyoming Dentist

Dr. Helmus DDS at River Ridge Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients prevent cavities and maintain good oral health. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of tooth sealants, call our Wyoming family dentistry at (616) 538-7320.