I was surprised at how easy and pain free the operation on my wisdom teeth was. I have no complaints — the healing process was never too painful. Dr. Helmus did an excellent job and I’m glad that I chose him to do it!


I’m thankful for everything Dr. Helmus did for my mother. It meant so much to her for him to accommodate her by making house calls. Mom thinks the world of Dr. Helmus — he’s very special.


I appreciate the fact that Dr. Helmus cared about my well-being enough to insist that I take antibiotics, even when I didn’t want to. Thank goodness he’s a conscientious practitioner. If he had not been so concerned I might have had a bad reaction. Thanks to Dr. Helmus’ thoughtfulness he will have to put up with me for a while longer!


Excellent!! As a long time patient I have always been treated as a most important person by each member of the River Ridge office staff. I particularly like the way that each professional will diagnose a need, and then, if time is available, will take care of the need.


I've been going to River Ridge for over 20 years and I have always been treated well and professionally. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for quality care.


I took my 3-year-old for her first dental checkup yesterday. Thanks, Shelly and Dr. Helmus, for making this a positive experience for my daughter!